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Our Story

Located in downtown Newark, New Jersey, Hobby's Delicatessen and Restaurant has been run by the Brummer family since 1962.  An old-fashioned Jewish delicatessen, Hobby’s still pickles its own legendary corned beef in fifty-gallon stainless steel vats, and its potato pancakes are a must-have.  Soups are hearty and, of course, homemade. But Hobby’s is much more than a place to enjoy hard-to-find top-quality Eastern-European delicacies - Hobby’s offers a wonderful line of freshly-made salads,  fresh fruits, and daily specials such as gazpacho, fresh salmon, chicken fajita wraps and other, more modern fare.

Hobby's is also the proud sponsor of Operation Salami Drop, an effort to send salamis to American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  “OSD” started because of the friendship of two Franklin & Marshall college roommates (one a deli owner, the other a JAG in the 42nd ID), and their desire to send a little piece of home to the rest of the troops overseas.  To date, through donations from all across America, over 18 tons of salami have been shipped, bringing smiles to thousands of American troops! To donate, please visit OPERATIONSALAMIDROP.COM.  

Currently rated as "Excellent" and a "Top 10 Best Buy in New Jersey" by Zagat, Hobby's has been featured in the New York Times, the Star Ledger, the New Jersey Law Journal and New Jersey Lawyer as well as on Channel 2 News, Fox News, CNN, WINS, WCBS, BBC, WNET’s “A Walk Through Newark,” and countless other media outlets across the country.